Hey! My name is Ignacio, I’m a freelance frontend designer and developer CSS nerd / design engineer focused on usability, performance, accessibility. I value effective communication, transparency, diversity, empathy and simple solutions.


I’m currently doing freelance work through Toptal, but open to cool new opportunities.
I love the web and I’d love to be part of a diverse place. I thrive on teams who love the web, bridging the gap between developers and designers. I love to build HTML/CSS but also design, prototype and manage small web/marketing teams. Get in touch!


Freelance front-end/UI developer working via Toptal for Carta.

UI developer/designer at Evolved by Nature via Toptal, focusing on Silk Therapeutics’ Shopify-based website.

Front-end WordPress developer at Global Commerce Media, building and supporting a global network with more than 200 WordPress websites, with more than 5 million monthly visits and a 100% remote team from all over the world.

Lead design engineer at leading uruguayan newspaper la diaria.