April 13, 2023

Learning Blender

I’ve been learning Blender and I think that’s reason enough to start posting again. Learning new things is exciting and also frustrating. Blender is a huge beast and at first its interface can be daunting. Slowly you start getting familiarized with its commands, shortcuts and menus and you’re able to convert that little cube into something quite nice to look at.

I actually started around 2020 following BlenderGuru’s famous donut tutorial. This year I resumed my learning in a bit more paced and serious fashion. I’m probably not going to become a 3D artist soon, but I’m experienced enough to know that think this skill will be useful at some degree on some project sometime in the future. In the meantime, I really enjoy it.

Screenshot from my blender interface and render, following Derek Elliot’s tutorial (link below)

There’s so many resources for learning Blender out there and like many other things, there’s a lot of garbage. But there’s also some amazing teachers and tutorials that have really blown my mind. Here’s a link that I’ll try to keep updated with the best material I found.

Happy learning!

Useful Blender learning links