How to open a chromeless Chrome browser window on macOS

This is a great tip to run apps on separate windows or just for taking cool app screenshots, like this:

How to open a chromless window

Open Terminal app and type:

open -n -a 'Google Chrome' --args "--app=[URL]"

Where [URL] is the desired URL. e.g:

open -n -a 'Google Chrome' --args "--app="

If you’re curious about what those flags do, -n “Open a new instance of the application even if one is already running.”, -a “Opens with the specified application” whatever that means.

Source: @DasSurma on Twitter


  1. Cool. Judging by the screenshot and the terminology you’re using I’m guessing this is on a Mac? Do you know if there’s a similar way of doing this in Powershell on Windows? Also, is it truly chromeless if there’s a bar on top?

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